Move Toronto: The Backbone Plan

Subway backbone plan

In light of Queen's Park's recent decision to reduce Provincial funding for transit, the Save Our Subways Coalition has had to make changes to it's initial proposal, in order to accurately reflect the current political realities. We realize that city-wide transit expansion is no longer politically feasible.

As a result, we have created a separate version of Move Toronto, one that we have dubbed "The Backbone Plan". The purpose of this plan is to outline the subway projects that are of the highest priority to the City of Toronto, with the hope that the funds remaining for the construction of Transit City will be diverted to these 4 projects. These projects, if completed, would form a solid backbone of true higher-order transit that could more easily support future transit expansion in the GTA.

This plan is by no means the complete solution for the GTA, rather it is merely an attempt to 'catch up' to where transit in the GTA should be. With the new limits on transit funding that have been imposed by the Province, Toronto now more than ever, needs a reliable backbone network of subway lines upon which to build an even stronger transit network. None of the proposed lines in this "Backbone Plan" are new by any means. They have all been proposed in various forms before, with most of them having already been extensively studied. We believe that because of this fact, these projects can be fast-tracked, with construction beginning as soon as possible.

Transit expansion in Toronto has already gone by the wayside once in this generation, we cannot afford to let that happen again.

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