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1. SOS Vision 2012
(News/SOS news)
... a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor along Finch, similar to what already exists along Highway 7 in York Region. This type of busway could be delivered along the entire Finch corridor for the same cost as ...
2. An Update on SOS
(News/SOS news)
... is about to enter a new era of austerity. As a result, SOS has needed to change its mandate somewhat. While we are still committed to demanding high quality rapid transit for all Torontonians, some realities ...
... Move Toronto will provide true, grade-separated rapid transit to many areas of Toronto. Q: Will Transit City help reduce congestion at Bloor-Yonge station, or on the subways leading into downtown? A: ...
... Transit City proposal won't provide rapid transit across northern Toronto and won't be a significant improvement over the buses for local travel either. >From Meadowvale till Don Mills, the maximum ...
5. About SOS
Welcome to SOS: Save Our Subways! Save Our Subways has been created to promote subways in Toronto, in particular to replace the Scarborough Rapid Transit line from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Centre, ...
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