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1. SOS Vision 2012
(News/SOS news)
... to see changes made to the plan in order to make it more efficient. Below is a brief summary of each of the 4 Transit City lines, as well as other projects, and our position on them. Eglinton LRT Scarborough ...
2. An Update on SOS
(News/SOS news)
Since the creation of Save Our Subways (SOS) in 2009, much has changed. The transit projects that make up Transit City are much further along, there is a new Mayor in Toronto, and the Provincial Government ...
... Toronto, one that we have dubbed "The Backbone Plan". The purpose of this plan is to outline the subway projects that are of the highest priority to the City of Toronto, with the hope that the funds ...
... City is a 15 year plan, projected to cost $15 billion. The 15 year portion of Move Toronto will be cost-neutral to Transit City, also costing $15 billion. Not included in either of those estimates are ...
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