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1. SOS Vision 2012
(News/SOS news)
... the intersection of Eglinton East & Don Mills Rd, so it is very likely that the same design principle can be applied further east along Eglinton. While it would moderately add to the overall project ...
... They will also mean shorter travel times on your local bus in order to reach the subway system. In addition, Move Toronto will eliminate the transfers at Don Mills and Kennedy, providing an increase ...
1) Too many transfers. Takes two transfers to go from Agincourt to Downsview or from STC to Yonge St. Continues to force hundreds of thousands of riders a day to transfer at Kennedy station and Don Mills ...
4. About SOS
... and to finish the planned Sheppard Subway from Don Mills to Scarborough Centre, and from Sheppard-Yonge to Downsview.  ...
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